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 last stand

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Private First class
Private First class

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PostSubject: last stand   Fri 10 Sep - 23:29

i was playing a last stand and.............. its impossible
first 4 boss spawn ahhhhh we had fear but we got kill them
After, Surprise 5 boss spawn pfff impossible
without Ce is impossilble play and anyway we died
jk should play a last stand to see it
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Lieutenant General
Lieutenant General

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PostSubject: Re: last stand   Sat 11 Sep - 0:21

I played last stand. It's at the moment the hardest mode. But it is possible to win it. Just player should stop to play with real tactics. Not only "aaaah boss flashbang! smoke! boom!"


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Lieutenant Colonel
Lieutenant Colonel

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PostSubject: Re: last stand   Sat 11 Sep - 0:32

yes, its very hard to play Last Stand without CE. And thats the way it was intended!

CE has just too many advantages I think. I'm also still thinking about suggesting an explosive bug (a mix between the "Infested Parasites" and the armored "Bugs"), something that moves fast and deal damage via explosive self-destruction.

And before the CEs start complaining about "you're taking away the only thing the CE can do!": you have a team? Get some tanks or gunners to stop the exploding bugs^^
CE is short for "Combat Engineer", not "Can deal with Everything"

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Still doing the above... But the last time I checked this site was gone... what happened?
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Brigadier General
Brigadier General

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PostSubject: Re: last stand   Sat 11 Sep - 2:12

As long as they don't come anytime of the game, no problem. At the first chapter/wave/whatever CE has already to deal with bosses and zombiehords. Not really needed to make another thing that can rape his ass. And never forget ... CE dies very easy without his base or protection because he is unarmored and runs around, if i remember right, with the FN P90 without any upgrades or skills to deal damage.


My watch only ends when it all ends. I've been here since a long time and I'll be here till the end.
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PostSubject: Re: last stand   

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last stand
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