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 Bored and DEC. 15th

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PostSubject: Bored and DEC. 15th   Fri 18 Nov - 19:02

As fairly little of you know, I am going to be playing SW:TOR (Star Wars: The Old Republic).
I have done my research for nearly two years and it has been a long time coming.

If you have a good pvp server, I would gladly join and play with you as Republic Forces. This being said:
-I will have very little time for much else, especially with my job. (This job has actually given me some great gaming connections).
-Preferred not to be bothered upon my main server (If the info is given out). It will be a high-standard elitist place for me and I will be taking it very seriously.
-I will gladly help and assist with your class (assuming I have knowledge on it) as long as it's not nagging questions and the obvious, which one could have learned on their own.
-It is an incredible game and it is unlike me to be an advocate for an MMORPG, but I highly recommend at least taking a look at it. Whether or not we play together, I will take joy knowing others have evolved from lesser games such as: WoW, AOC, WH, Rift, and Aion. (I understand these games were a flop, even though we all can admit that WoW once had its prime time.)

Until then...

Does anyone have something for me to do? I've been staring at the ceiling on my days off, for hours on end.



Once bitten, twice.....zombie
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Bored and DEC. 15th
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