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 Delta Operator Guide

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Private First class
Private First class

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PostSubject: Delta Operator Guide   Sun 17 Jul - 14:40

This class specializes in high damage with various slowing abilities for bosses. The DO utilizes ammo to its near fullest potential similar to the marksman. This class is candy for any boss kill by making sure a boss is where it needs to be.

Spending Skill Points

MOS point on Rifle Grenade
1-2 on Flare
3-7 on Delta Operator Skills
8-10 on Flare
11-17 Critical Strike

Critical Strike (7) 10% to critical for 200% damage. (375/450/525/600/650/700)
Critical Strike for the Delta Operator is one of the least abilities he needs, but is still a nice bonus to spare "some" ammunition. 10% by the law of chance means we get 5 shots per clip that are critical hits, and given that the delta operator's shots have around a .5 second delay, this makes the critical strike ability seemingly useless. The first two points into this skill is absolutely amazing. The first point gives +100% damage, and the second gives +175%. You can spare points for these early if your team has an Force Recon for flares, or an Assultman for smokes. After the first two points it returns to +75% damage, and as such should not receive any more points until the rest of your points are allocated for what your team of marines requires.

Rifle Grenade (5) 1300 damage(1550/1900/2150/2300) in a 325 radius. 40 Mana. 25 Second Cooldown (20/15/10/5)
In a typical game, the rifle grenade will nearly one shot any lesser zombie at level 1, which is why i recommend never leveling this past level 1 unless given chapter 2 with delta air force defense, as the game starts spawning more of zombies that have +4000 health. This ability is useful when you are alone and need to protect yourself from whatever is coming after you, because the delta operator has no pistol. However, unlike all other grenade launchers in the game, the DO launcher does not actually have a radius circle to tell you the 325 radius explosion, but instead a small “target” circle. It is advised to learn the distance yourself in a private game before you go about using it behind you when things are chasing you. If there is a gargoyle you would just be better off attacking it with your weapon than using this ability. Any new starting Delta Operator will typically kill something accidentally with this ability. This ability can be amazing when paired with a Combat Engineer's MK-2 Nanoprocessor after chapter 1. This ability is nearly essential for any Delta Operator wishing to get the upper tier of medals as the DO has a very low kill ratio of .08.

Flare (5) illuminates an area for 15 seconds and slows zombies for 10 seconds. Costs 70 Mana (60/50/40/30), 50 second cooldown (40/30/20/10)
This ability is relentless on the Delta Operator's mana when its at level 1. In conjunction with using grenade, you will find yourself out of mana quite often, so leveling this is a great idea. Even if there is a Force Recon, you cant expect him to flare for you since he has other priorities as well. Flare in conjunction with Smoke Grenade increasingly slows the zombies to 95% in which case that Combat Maneuvers may be preserved for another scenario. It can also be used it to scout for bosses if the forward observer is not; finding any boss early gives time to react from that direction. This ability is also decent for scouting terrain for items and above hills before you go up them which spares you form the danger of any zombie hitting you and giving you an alignment.

Covert Operations Skills (5) Camouflage 20 Second Cooldown (16/14/12/8 ) Gives invisibility to self towards zombies.
Level 1 - Learns Laser Designation; Reduces armor of target by 5, as well as illuminating the targets vision to the player, if Communication Array is active, everyone can see the target. Also posts a message in chat of target’s name. Very useful for players who don’t play with microphones.
Level 2 - Learns Combat Maneuvers; Slows the speed of all zombies by about 80% within a short radius of the Delta Operator.
Level 3 - Learns Laser Sight; Reveals invisible zombies in about the same range as your sight. Useful if there is no forward observer to give permanent intelligence. The effect can be enhanced by a Combat Engineer with the Communications Array, so that the rest of the team can also see them as well.
Level 4 - Learns Expert Weapons Handling(80% chance to stun and deal 25 additional damage), and reduces load time by 1.2 seconds.
This is an absolute must no matter whatever your setup is, this self buff on damage and reload is amazing. Faster bullets, stronger bullets, more bodies on the floor quicker.
Level 5 - Learns Smoke Grenade; slows zombies by 50% for 40 seconds, cooldown 45 seconds. 15 Mana
Very useful for wave control, as it can be put in a key area to slow every zombie, making itme. greatly easier for others to react to the incoming threat. This ability is amazing but not absolutely necessary, everything in the game can be handled without it, but instead requires more out of the marines in the game as it will often force the marines to leave their position and face death several times in order to accomplish an easy mission

Combat Maneuvers

This ability is nothing short of amazing when it comes to making sure nothing gets near anyone, but there are certain cautions that come with slowing everything down. When you slow a boss down you slow your allies down too, and the problem being that half bosses typically move faster. Be aware that although your movement is impaired, your jump is not, so use it when necessary. Combat Maneuvers during ETA should only ever be used if eta is chomping on a marine or convoy truck and not near any players, or civilians if you can help it. During Combat Maneuvers it is recommended that you smoke directly where eta is, then flare 1-2 seconds before combat maneuvers dissipates. The flare is only ever necessary with high squad ranking groups where ETA has a lot of health and regen, with invisibility, but should still be done in case marines attention was directed elsewhere. Combat Maneuvers should also not be used during Osi, Loki, or Cerb, these bosses move at much greater speeds making it easier for them to kill the group, rather than the other way around.

Deciding Which Slows to Use

There are several slows avaiable to the Delta Operator, and not all of them are needed at once. In most cases a typical game with have more than just a Delta Operator to control things (CE/DM/AM). There really is no exception for the Delta Operator to not do anything as the slowing abilities in this game are about being prepared. Combat Maneuvers is for movement that is sudden, such as when your sitting at South Air Field, and a boss suddenly appears because someone has not been flaring, or there is no Force Recon to detect it before hand. Smoke Grenade is for expected movements, if your camping a hill, its ideal to place it at the entrance where everything will absolutely pass through, giving time to react and cast a flare or combat maneuvers for the forward observer to take care of it. Flare is either used whenever you need a slow that can’t be handled by the other two (during Osi and, Loki, as these bosses move faster than your walk speed even while slowed to 50%) or when a boss enters your smoke grenade. The flare will make it immobile, and easy to kill with artillery shells. Smoke grenade is handy in that it can slow things down just as they enter your line of fire. There typically should always be a smoke grenade down to be ready for bosses, as one single flare on top of the boss after it enters the smoke creates them nearly completely immobile for around 10 seconds. Getting the smoke grenade is not absolutely necessary however, as not only can a group of knowledgeable marines do without, but the Assultman may also use smoke grenade and being if you dont need it, that means one more point in critical strike or grenade to save ammunition.

Combat Maneuvers = 80%
Flare = 50%
Smoke Grenade = 50%
Any slow paired with another will result in a near complete stop, if not completely.

Key Roles During Chapters

Chapter 1 – Expected to use CM during convoy on ETA if needed, sometimes not necessary. Also expected to get civilians due to the delta operators ability to be invisible.

Chapter 2; Delta - Expected to keep a smoke down at a ramp of a hill of where the rest of the marines are camping, flaring when a boss enters the smoke for a Forward Observer to take care of the rest. All bosses during this chapter need to be slowed, with the exception of Eris, who dies rather quickly, And lyg if delta decides to do air force defense.

Chapter 2; Revelation - Expected to flare when osi comes to slow his movements, all other bosses must be slowed.

Chapter 2; Night Stalkers – expected to flare whenever a Minos shows up, allow the other members to gather the E-cells, since you must be keeping the Minos in position.

Chapter 3; Magnificent Bastards – Air strike ability command on incoming bosses, flare and smoke when prom is near raven for CAS users to bomb him.

Chapter 3; Containment – Same as everyone else

Chapter 3; Lost Cause – If there is no forward observer you are to airstrike the hell out of Ravenholm. Also smoke bottom of hill to stop flamers and riflemen from getting up. Do not use flare near the hill.

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PostSubject: Re: Delta Operator Guide   Mon 18 Jul - 0:04

Did a rough check, guide seems to be useful.

Note: Agents are visible like any 08/15 zombie, they are just harder to see, due to their black colour.
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Private First class
Private First class

Messages : 29
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PostSubject: Re: Delta Operator Guide   Mon 18 Jul - 1:44

if there's anything i didn't think of (general idea that should be covered) feel free to request it, i want these to be guides that fulfill the purpose of making sure whoever reads it knows absolutely whatever they must know to succeed at notd:am
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PostSubject: Re: Delta Operator Guide   

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Delta Operator Guide
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