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 jk2pach Bots

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Lance Corporal
Lance Corporal

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PostSubject: jk2pach Bots   Wed 6 Jul - 10:25


This topic is mostly for jk2pach himself.
As I'm playing your bots some thing are a bit annyoing for me. So I will just post them, hope You can take cricism/oppinions Wink

First one. I know that You want to promote your tag jk2pach but In my opinion names of the bots in lobby could be changed. I used to love SAD's bot name in AM, Alice in pink color.
Second one. If You dislike the first idea, I just want to say something additional about bot's names in lobby. jk2pach-host# name in lobby take big space and due to that when automatic start revels his message (which in my opinion is too ofen) it takes 2 rows in chat. I suggest to make it a bit slower, for e.g jk2pach. It's sometimes hard to scroll up and see where and who written something after this mess from bot.
Third one. If You dislike both 1st and 2nd You can always chance automatic start message in bots, and cut it a bit Wink
Fourth thing is about channel bots. Ain't it better to implement into the bots list script with acces 0 instead of spaming every 45sec on channel 3 rows of text. I ofen have bots on both RRTF and RC Clans and when I later check their logs they are fulfilled with those messages only.

As I said at the begining - It's my point of view, and I hope You can think about it.

Kind Regards
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PostSubject: Re: jk2pach Bots   Wed 6 Jul - 19:45

I liked it when the bot hosting rc601 had the name rc601. So we knew that was the bot hosting it. Also the game still says the bot rc601 hosts it still.
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jk2pach Bots
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