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 last stand

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PostSubject: last stand   Wed 11 May - 18:57

at first last stand was easy. then u introduced crushers. it became a bit harder but still able to beat.then u entered fuel and this made it way harder. now all zombies had main target CE turrets.it was impossible to maintain a base like this. as crushers have the ability to attack only turrets, i think u should give some zombies(not all ofc) the disability not to attack turrets.and also reborn jump stuns tank. thats not realistic
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PostSubject: Re: last stand   Wed 11 May - 19:32

Removing the Reborn Jump-Stuns on tanks/vehicles I support.
The rest I do not.

LS is nowadays very different from what I first suggested (even before it became the "Let's whore some XP"-Mode).
Back then it was very simple: You had a horde of creeps trying to kill you, and you had to defend while finding a way to get more ammo and bandages.
Teamplay was very Important, because you had to have Scouts (to activate Radars and find ammo), Healers (to revive, cure and keep the team alive) Damagedealers (to kill Projects fast) and "Delayers" (Like FB, HS or others who were able to buy the Damagedealers more time).

Now you need a CE, a Tank-Driver and a Repairman. Most of the time the CE does everything at once and the others just pick summoners and Damagedealers. -> Defend the base until it can support itself, get as many summons and Minis as possible inside and wait for the time to run out. Just watch out for Evolved Creeps and Ranged Projects so they don't kill anyone inside the base.

That's not the Gameplay I wanted back then. Sad
It will be different in the next Complex!!

*Goes into the depths of the archive and re-reads his report about one of the first games in LS-Mode.*

Edit: Here's the report. Its so ancient, one could consider it to be a myth by now...
Review of Last Stand in 1.53, written on 24.08.2010:

Yeah... those were the times...

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last stand
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