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 Gold Membership (Worth it or not?)

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Lance Corporal
Lance Corporal

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PostSubject: Gold Membership (Worth it or not?)   Tue 10 May - 19:25

Okey.. as soon as you get used to this game and reach at least level 10 you will be offered to get a Gold Membership and you might decide that this game is not worth spending 8$ on it.

But.. lets looks at this from this side.

Do you want game to become much more interesting, enjoyable, awesome, get levels faster, get better gear in no time, have amazing loot/grinding rates?

Here is a small list of what Gold Membership give you:

- 200 free credits every single month
(If you spend 8$ to buy Gold Membership you also get 200 credits for free (200 credits cost 8$) meaning that rather then buy 200 credits for 8$ you should rather buy Gold Membership for the same price and have those 200 credits along with other benefits)
- Earn double exp
(Obviously you gain 200% experience)
- Massively improved looting chances
(You have 150% better chance to loot something from the lootable object and your chance that it will be Armor or Weapon is also increased by 150% also if it's Ammo/Cash it's amount is doubled (if usual player find 100$ - you find 200$))
- Big discounts on all credit shop items (stat reset for only 100 credits!)
(It's a good idea to get gold membership first, before you purchase (if you ever will) any other service there)
- Revive in just 5 seconds!
(Normally usual players after death have to wait 2 minutes to revive, while with Gold Membership you got to wait 5 seconds only (it's really useful on outpost attack, if you accidentally died and want to get back to combat as soon as possible not to loose your pressure experience)
- Access to exclusive Gold Member Only forums
(Can't say it's something really needed, but it's free from trolls, spammers and most of the noobs since they don't pay 8$ to troll, spam or speak noob-o-like shit on private forum. There you can get a good tip, advice or help from skilled and experienced players without getting your thread spammed in no time)
- Try new features before they`re officially released
(For example when there was still 2D version only and 3D was just about to be released - players with Gold Membership were allowed to test it first)
- Set a custom forum title of your choice
(Still a forum benefit, you're able to set a better tittle of your thread giving it better chances to be noticed)
- Priority technical support
(If usually having a problem and posting it at technical support you don't know how long you will have to wait, since you're request will be taken only after those requests that were posted before you. With Gold Membership you will receive and answer for your question within 48 hours)

With this thread I'm not trying to MAKE you get a Gold Membership, but just to show that it's not a pure drain of your cash from your pocket, but a good deal. You pay for fun, for comfortable gaming, for priority tech. support and lots of game benefits.

As for me that's one of the best way to invest 8$ The better way is only to donate them to jk2pach to help him keep bots on-line Wink
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Lance Corporal
Lance Corporal

Messages : 71
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PostSubject: Re: Gold Membership (Worth it or not?)   Tue 10 May - 20:22

I agree with you, but now your just depressing me by telling me what I have force myself to forget in order to not get down when my looting/grinding rates suck.
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Lieutenant Colonel
Lieutenant Colonel

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PostSubject: Re: Gold Membership (Worth it or not?)   Tue 10 May - 22:10

If I had the money to spend it on a "Gold Member"ship, I would use it to make a donation to keep jks bots online. Wink

Currently Playing:
Final Fantasy: Dissidia 012
Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days

Currently Doing:
Doing an Actionscript3 Textgame (Flash)

Still doing the above... But the last time I checked this site was gone... what happened?
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Lance Corporal
Lance Corporal

Messages : 77
Activity Points : 3201
Reputation : 3

PostSubject: Re: Gold Membership (Worth it or not?)   Tue 10 May - 22:18

Well, the only bot I'm using is NOTD Aftermath bot Wink and like.. 1 game per 2 days, not more. But I'm thinking about donating jk2pach as well, just because he keep this web-site and bots on-line paying from own pocket, would be fair to help him a bit.

Have just donated a bit for jk2pach Wink So shush!
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PostSubject: Re: Gold Membership (Worth it or not?)   

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Gold Membership (Worth it or not?)
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