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 UA2 - Tactics

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PostSubject: UA2 - Tactics   Thu 5 May - 14:01




Before we get into the tactics, the general strategy should be made plain. It is important, and a goal of most (if not all) experts, to not be hit by enemies. This may seem obvious, but in many games, such as WoW, being hit is normal and expected. While it can be dealt with effectively in this game, it is by no means necessary to be hit much or the preferable way to do things. Most of the tactics in-game, and especially those that newbs should be working on first, are those to avoid being hit.

Hit and Run

So, it's obvious that, to avoid being hit, you should not stand there and let zombies hit you, right? Many newbies stand there and let zombies hit them anyway. Let's assume you won't make that mistake. What's an effective way of kiling your enemies without getting hit, then? Of course, the answer is to hit and then run.

It's really quite straight forward in its basic idea but can be very difficult to master. How far away should you run? How close should the zombies be when you start to run away? Should you run in a straight line or in more of a circle? Should you run to allies? Should you run to town? One of the more interesting things about this game is that it is not a static environment. Moving around, we're constantly exposed to different situations and have to make quick decisions.

Run, Turn, then Grenade

Okay, let's start with something simple. There are a bunch of low lvl zombies coming at you, more than you can handle by just standing there and shooting. Since low level zombies tend not to be too fast (at first), you can wait until they get pretty close, let's say, 2 seconds away from you (the time it'd take for them to reach you). Now you have some options, like how far you should go, where, and the like. If you have grenades, you could run away for a moment, then circle around about 90 degrees from where you started.

As can be seen in the above image, the guy is running and doubling back on the zombies. Because the zombies are so much slower, this results in the zombies bunching up and being in a nice formation to be naded. If you do this and run from the zombies without nadeing them, they'll return to line formation.

As can be seen in this image, the grenade will get most of those zombies. If the player continued to circle these zombies, perhaps doing a zig-zag moving away from them, he could get a larger pack of zombies to nade.

This tactic doesn't work as well when the difference in speed between the zombies and the player is small or when there aren't many zombies (meaning it may be better to just shoot them instead). One can sprint to increase the speed difference and this is often a good idea.

There are several dangers I've found with this tactic. One, the zombies may be too close for a safe nade. I like to immediately run away from my nade so as to reduce the chance I'll get hit by it (as seen in the pic). Another danger is that zombies often come from various directions. You may circle around into one or more other zombies, making your maneuver much more complicated or possibly fatal. Be patient. If the situation has gone awry, you may be better off not trying to nade at that time and fleeing those zombies for now.

Hit and Run Advanced

Sometimes running then turning and shooting just doesn't cut it. Sprinting and running away, then turning of spring, turning, and shooting is better, but it still might not work very well for many tougher or faster enemies. In cases when more is needed, there are some rather simple things you can do.

Smoke and Flares

All undead are fazed by flares. If you fire a flare, then the undead nearby will be slowed. Smoke grenades have a similar effect but over a smaller area, and most flying units are not affected by smoke grenades (Genesis, Darreus, and Black Knights are notable exceptions, as they are slowed by smoke grenades). A cool thing about this is that these two methods stack. So if the undead in an area are afflicted by both smoke and a flare, their speed will be greatly reduced (typically, they will be stopped in their tracks). This is a high-maintenance (one has to juggle both flares and smokes while renewing them when they run out, and as the undead run out of their area of effect) and costly (in terms of items) tactic to use. It should usually only be used on bosses. Other methods should be used on other units so that there are flares and smoke grenades available for when bosses come.

Smoke grenades takes a few seconds to start working, so be sure to lead your target (throw it well in front of them) when using smokes. Player characters are also slowed by smoke so take this into consideration before using it. Using the jump command (Z-->Q) is the most efficient way of moving through smoke.

Flares take effect much faster than smoke, but they don't last nearly as long. They do not slow player characters.

Although Locust Swarms have no visual on them, they are still slowed by flare guns.

Flare gun slow and ground flare slow debuffs also stack, however the ground flare debuff is much weaker.

Cliff Jumping

Cliffs that are only 1 layer high can be jumped down from (but not up). If one leads zombies to an area next to a one height difference cliff and shoots them until they get close, one can then jump down to the bottom of the cliff and then zombies will have to run around in order to continue chasing the player. This can be a very effective tactic, but one can get trapped by new zombies at the bottom of the cliff or misjudge the cliff and find it's a double height cliff that can't be jumped down.

While it's risky, it can give a great distance advantage over faster zombies. This doesn't help vs flying undead, of course.

Ammo Savers

Alot of people often have a hard time lasting without using a large amount of ammo, and often die as a result of not having ammo/ go out to find it. Well, theres several ways to last an entire game without having to over-use ammo and run out fast. First, you'll need to consider the dificulty. Let's assume normal mode; less spawns, and weaker zombies. The ideal mode to practice this in. In order to save ammo, immediatly get/ turn on riflebutting and find an ammo crate, and fill it with your starting ammo. Start running around in larger areas and zombies will fall to the hilt of your weapon. When trouble ensues, load your gun, and fire off into the crowed. This works best with MOS's that inflict massive AOE damage, like the Heavy Support or Detachment Commander. If your MOS has any grenade ability's, pump them to the max and use them. Alot. Combined with the "Hit and run" stratagie listed above, you'll find yourself waist high in undead corpses. If you want to use ammo well still saving it, shoot high priorty targets and larger boss zombies to support and USE YOUR ABILITYS. Alot of people die or lose teamates becuase they simply refuse to use their abilitys well saving ammo. A good DC can call in reinforcements and a Heli and clear a good amount of zombies without doing much shooting at all.

Well not supporting the entire squad as much, this can become a very helpful and life-saving tactic that many people have a harder time grasping and using for an entire game. Just remeber, its a skill that has little to no application in Umbrealla mode or Competative mode.

Gathering Items

Different MOSes have different items they can use and different items that are useful for them. It's often true, especially of games with more players, that one finds items that aren't immediately useful. Some of these one may want to save when one has more room or more need of them or perhaps another player will want them. The player could ping their location and allow other players to fetch the item. However, this is not always practical.

Cache/Pooling Area/Base

Less useful players (either because their MOS isn't useful for this mission or they're a new player, or some other reason) can spend time collecting items and ferrying them to a cache or pooling area. Such areas are useful beside roads since roads are easily identified and there's long vision on roads. Other useful places for caches is on tops of hills or in towns. It's important not to put the items where explosives are likely to be used as these would destroy the items.

Combining/Stacking Items

Some items combine. Items should automatically combine assuming the two groups can be added into each other with no remainder. Example, two ground flares of 4 and 4 will combine to form one stack of 8. Two ammo cases will not combine at all. The only way to combine them is to eat the ammo of one then drop magazines.

Stacking items is very important as every inventory space counts, especially in the later parts of the game.

Some items, like the XM35 and MGL grenades will combine from two groups of 5 and 6 into groups of 10 and 1, but these are the exception, not the rule.

Clips will stack up to 3 and will combine with ammo cases. Ammo cases can stack up to 10.

Grenades, saline syringes, medi packs, flare guns, ground flares, batteries, and explosive charges will combine with identical items up to their max stack size. Other items will not. Medkits stack up to 6, saline up to 5, grenades/flares/EC up to 6, and batteries up to 12.

Because of the limited stacking mechanics, it may be useful to waste one or two grenades or other items in order to combine two stacks. One could instead leave the smaller stack in an easy to find location (like a road) for later.


In large games, peoples sometimes kill the useless leavers (riflemen, naders..) for vision and use them like cameras that last forever. Don't forget to make them drop their ammo!

Getting hawk in umb/all mos in -rifle: If someone lags right at the game start (before picking mode), load quickly. You should be able pick all mos in -rifle mode or hawk in umb.

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UA2 - Tactics
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