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 UA2 - Items

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PostSubject: UA2 - Items   Thu 5 May - 13:59



Passive Items

Aim Assistant

Installs an aim assistant program into your suit, allowing you to aim and shoot faster. Increases the attack speed of the soldier by 15% and damage by 9.
Notes: Any MOS can use this item.

Armor Piercing Rounds

The .300 Winchester Magnum A.P. (armor piercing) round wields high firepower designed for moderately armored targets. Increases the damage of the soldier depending on their MOS.
Notes: Heavy Support, Ghost and Flamethrower cannot use this item. Scout Recon can pick it up, but gains no bonus damage.

Stun Rounds

The newly invented Stun Rounds have a 25% chance to stun enemies when attacked for .35 seconds and deal 15 extra damage.
Notes: Heavy Support, Ghost, Flamethrower, and Global Hawk cannot use this item.

Dragon Skin Body Armor

Protects the wearer by stopping incoming projectiles. Increases the armor of the wearer by 12 and reduces attacks on the wearer by 25 damage.
Notes: Any MOS can use this item.

Energy Generator

Increases the soldier's rate of energy regeneration by 50%.
Notes: Any MOS can use this item.


Illuminates the area around the user and reveals invisible units. Also increases sight range by 300.
Notes: Any MOS can use this item. Does not reveal you to Umbrella Forces

Interceptor Body Armor

Protects the wearer by stopping incoming projectiles. Increases the armor of the wearer by 8 and reduces 90% of attacks on the wearer by 15 damage.
Notes: Any MOS can use this item.



The G89 is a newly issued machine gun for support units deployed around the world. The G89 offers less recoil but more stopping power, allowing a faster fire rate and more damage. Adds 12 damage and increases attack speed by 30%.

Notes: Machine Gunners and Cyborgs can use this item


The Precision Target Rifle (PTR) is an advanced rifle used by Designated Marksmen. It has less recoil yet more stopping power, allowing a faster fire rate but more damage to targets. Increases the Designated Marksman's attack speed by 35% and increases damage by 20, and increases other rifle-carrying MOS's attack speed by 25% and damage by 10.

Notes: Rifle-carrying MOSs can use this item.

SA Combat Shotgun

Utilizing an advanced ARGO system, the Benelli Super 90 M8 is a semi-automatic combat shotgun with more stopping power; a very deadly combination. Adds 8 damage and increases attack speed by 55%.

Notes: Combat Engineers and the Global Hawk can use this item.


The XM35 MAR (Multipurpose Assault Rifle) is the next-gen assault rifle for future soldiers. The XM35 MAR adds 15 damage to regular attacks and comes with a built-in MGL (Multipurpose Grenade Launcher) that can fire frag grenades which deal 1200 damage in a radius around the target. Explosives hurt allies.

Notes: Grenades stack up to 10 with MGL Frags. Does not stack with the M400 GL or other XM35 MARs. Rifle-carrying MOSs except Designated Marksman can use this item. Effectively an M400 GL that comes with 15 bonus damage and some MOS restrictions.

M400 GL

The M400 GL is a versatile anti-personnel grenade launcher. Deals 1200 damage in a radius around the target. Explosives hurt allies. Contains 5 charges.

Notes: Stacks with MGL Frags up to 10 charges. Does not stack with XM35 MARs. More powerful and accurate than a Frag Grenade toss. Although the GL itself remains after all charges have been expended, it is practically useless without MGL Frags to reload it.

Non-lethal Consumables

Ammo Case

Used to store a soldier's magazines.

Notes: Hold up to 10 magazines.


Provides 60 units of energy per use. Contains 4 charges.
Notes: Stacks up to 12 charges. Also used to restore power to the generator in Umbrella mode (17 charges are required).

Flare Gun

Provides vision of an area for 12 seconds. Zombies are also dazed by the light. Reveals cloaked units. Contains 4 charges.

Notes: Stacks up to 8 charges. Useful to any MOS. Slows hostiles with in range. When used with a Smoke Grenade most hostiles can not move.

Ground Flare

Ground flares are used for illuminating the area and spotting targets easier by burning magnesium that usually lasts around 4 minutes. Will burn out fast if raining. Reveals invisible units. Contains 4 charges.
Notes: Stacks up to 8 charges. Hostile units near the flare units take more damage. Does not give sight to hostiles, including Umbrella forces.


Gives magazines to the soldier, which are required to reload.

Notes: Stacks up to three.

Medical Kit

A case full of medical supplies to treat wounds. Heals 250 hit points over 30 seconds and cures any wounds present Contains 3 charges.
Notes: Stacks up to 6 charges. Restores more health a Saline Syringe but does nor remove poisons or bone fractures.

Saline Syringe

Provides blood mixed with salt, nutrients and stem cells to heal wounds extremely fast. Instantly heals 150 hit points and cures flesh wounds, poisons and bone fractures. Contains 2 charges.
Notes: Stacks up to 5 charges. Because the total stackable number is odd and the syringes are obtained in packs of two, one must be used in order to obtain the full stack of 5. It is also the only item capable of "healing" the Global Hawk.

Smoke Grenade

A smoke grenade is used for hiding movement and disorienting enemies. Slows units in the radius for 45 seconds. Contains 3 charges.
Notes: It doesn't hide movement and the smoke effects you and other members of the platoon. When used with a Flare Gun hostiles can not move.

Lethal Consumables

Explosive Charge

Explosive charges (ECs) are used for taking out heavily armored targets. They can only be set off by an initial explosion, such as a grenade or C4. Deals 4000 damage in a 350 radius and 1000 damage in a 500 radius. Explosives hurt allies.
Notes: Can be used to create indestructible walls, as primary attacks cannot target them. However, they can be set off by both explosive weapons like rockets or grenades and by explosive zombies: Boomers and Horrors.

Frag Grenade

A frag grenade is an anti-personnel grenade that, upon detonation, blows shrapnel outward, which is usually fatal. Deals 1100 damage in a radius around the target. Explosives hurt allies.
Notes: Inferior to M400 GL.

MGL Frags

Provides ammo for a M400 GL or the XM35 MAR's attached grenade launcher. Cannot be used without M400 GL or XM35 MAR. Contains 5 charges.
Notes: Stacks up to 15 charges. Automatically feeds 1-by-1 into launcher even if not all five charges are needed.


A Multipurpose Rocket Launcher (MRL) is used for taking out armored targets and displacing enemies. Deals 1800 incendiary damage in a 400 radius. Explosives hurt allies.
Notes: Useful if you MOS has no AOE skill or you are out of energy.

Plasma Grenade

A plasma grenade is a low explosive that burns rapidly upon detonation but leaves plasma which burns slowly. The toss is not always accurate. Deals 900 damage in a radius around the target and burns for 11 seconds dealing 25 burn damage. Explosives hurt allies.
Notes: The initial damage is dealt twice. Both the initial explosion and burning plasma hurt allies.

Unique Items

Hellfire M2 Rockets

Upgrades the Global Hawk Hellfire rockets to Hellfire M2 rockets.
Notes: Upgraded Hellfires are much more powerful and more useful. However, its larger radius may be more dangerous in close quarters. Use extreme caution in the vicinity of allies.

See RQ-7B Global Hawk for details on the Hellfire Rocket ability.

Lift Boots

Allows the user to fly up and down in an arc to get to distant locations.

Notes: Useful item you can fly up or down to hard to reach areas of the map.

M70 Sentry Gun

Defends positions with high firepower.

Notes: The guns which drop for the pre-convoy mission will be removed if not placed.

Quest Items


A crate containing samples of the virus.

Notes: Have to get this item out of the Umbrella warehouse.

Empty Vial

A vial used for getting water samples.

Notes: Type "-plug" to fill one of these when near a well.

Full Vial

A vial full of a water sample.

Notes: Get this back to where you picked up the Empty Vial to get your xp.

Marine Corpse

Needs evacuation.

Notes: Should bring a few people, or else make multiple trips.

Office Papers

Some office papers that contain important T.P.S. reports.

Notes: Just have to pick them up, no carrying required.


Used for mapping out various things.

Notes: Place in the designated areas to complete the mission.

Satchel Charge

Used for blowing up designated targets by priming and placing them by the target.

Notes: Drop the satchel charge near a generator to place it. When destroying the Umbrella Facility with these, be sure the last satchel you place is on the generator nearest the door. Otherwise you will only be able to evacuate in time by using lift boots.

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UA2 - Items
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