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 UA2 - Basics

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PostSubject: UA2 - Basics   Thu 5 May - 13:56




Undead Assault II has a relatively steep learning curve at the beginning, and many new players are overwhelmed by the amount of information they're given and expected to know at the start of a new game. The beginner's guide is intended to make it easier for new players to get a handle on the game in a place where they can take their time to read and understand the available information.

Starting Out

When you first start the game, the host will select the game mode. You will be notified of the game mode selection in the chat area, but there is a lot of other information displayed there simultaneously, so you may miss it. You can press F9 to review the game mode.

Pressing F9 during the course of the game will also allow you to check the current mission objective. Missions are your objectives in Undead Assault II, and completing them will grant you additional experience and allow the game to progress more quickly.

Choosing a MOS

After the host selects the game mode, you will be able to select your MOS from the insertion helicopter (you must have the helicopter selected to choose your MOS).

-Even Private First Classes will want to try out their latest MOS, or just are accustomed to using their rifleman. Almost no sergeant would forsake being a combat engineer or ghost to play as a medic. So the job of being a medic falls to you. Even though it is a low ranked MOS it tends to be one of the most needed MOSs.

-The Navy Corpsman one of the best classes to learn Undead Assault. You can heal on the move, and as a newbie you are using a support character and therefore can sit on the sidelines and learn how to play. In Umbrella mode you'll often be camping at base also, and the most you'll have to do is to rush out and revive the idiot cyborg who decided to go Rambo, or energize that Detachment commander.

-The other 2 MOS's available to you at this rank is Rifleman and Grenadier, and if you use them, you'll just probably end up taking out your own team with a badly aimed Fragmentation Grenade. If you wish to use explosives then practice with them first before using them in combat or near allies. This means maybe going off the to the side and typing "-tl" (team location) and discharge explosives at good a distance away form those pings.

General Tips

-DON'T ever, ever attempt to complete any mission of yourself. you'll probably end up being killed. Leave that to the more experienced players, like the one using ghost.
-Learn the chat commands. In particular, it is useful to set the camera using -v. Most players prefer a distance of around 25 units.
-Learn your hotkeys: running out with a group and staying on the sidelines is a good way to gain experience while out in the field. It is good to be accustomed with the sprint, reload and jump hotkeys before you attempt this. Most players will leave you behind rather than wait to get chewed up. Play a few games on the sidelines, maybe micro your mini if you died. Or better yet, ask players and read the hotkey tooltips. Practice reloading/dropping magazines in an empty game to learn the muscle memory.

Core Hotkeys:
Z Q - Jump
Z T - Sprint
Z R - Reload
Z D - Drop Magazine (Flamethrower does not have this action)
Z E - Prone
Z Y - Safety
Z Z - Night Vision Goggles (Also "-NVG")
Be sure to press ESCAPE when your done using extra abilities
so that you can use attack move and such.

-Also, no matter what rank or class you are NEVER type: "-nvg" when you're dead, as this will cause your body to decay and you will NOT be able to revive even at the 50 minute mark. Also don't use nightvision when your screen goes dark for the generator mission in umbrella mode, as the darkness is caused by a bioweapon. not night-time, and the use of nightvision will make your screen go black.

Guns & Ammo

-Sadly, clips aren't bottomless in Undead Assault. You will have to reload if you want to keep shooting. There is no way to tell how many rounds you have left in a clip, but you can reload your magazine with the Z (Extra Abilities) then R (Reload) hotkeys. This will have your marine drop his current magazine, with any ammo in, and load a fresh clip into his weapon(the only exception to this rule of reloading is the Flamethrower). This takes time so take cover while you reload. The current temperature will affect your reloading abilities. Cold weather will slow you down, while a high training skill and temperature will reduce the time it takes to reload.

-The amount of wood you have slow down your marine, so it is best to keep your extra magazines in your inventory. If you die it all allow for other team member to use the ammo it need be. It also shorten your sprint time.

-Do not "eat" ammo. This means picking a magazine or ammo case and loading yourself. Most MOSs do not need more then 2-5 magazines (wood) on them at one time.


Sprint Warfare

When you're being chased by a horde of zombies, don't try to go Rambo and take them on; you'll just die. Instead, sprint away; which works best if you use hotkeys, to put some distance between you and the hostile(s), then let loose. Also. the use of flare guns and smoke grenades will allow for more efficient killing of zombies. They provide a greater amount of time between sprints, allowing for more shooting time.

Advanced Sprinting Warfare

When hostiles close, get ready to sprint. Using an explosive such as a grenade, sprint first so you don't kill yourself in the detonation also, then BOOM! Just don't kill your allies that may be retreating. If there are way too many of the zombies, then just keep moving and try to regroup with the rest of the team, only to pause to kill the faster moving hostiles.

Advanced Sprinting Warfare II

Sprint away from the deadly hordes. When you get far enough away to last about 2 seconds press Z,E so you go prone and shoot the zombies up a bit. Always shoot the leading zombie to gain extra time (and your bullets go through the target and hit the ones behind him) and right when the horde gets near you Z,E (or just E if you did not exit the menu) to get away from the horde and simply wash, rinse, repeat. Also, the use of flare guns and smoke grenades will allow for more efficient killing of zombies. They provide a greater amount of time between sprints, allowing for more shooting time.

Team of Two (this is mainly for bosses)

Have you on one side of the boss and your friend on another, and both of you start shooting it. The boss will then move towards one of you. One of you then moves away, while the other keeps on shooting. This boss will then move towards the one of you that is shooting. The one of you that ran now begins to shoot the boss again. When the boss gets too close, you simply move away (or even just stop shooting) and the boss will move towards the one of you that is shooting. Just keep juggling the aggro of the boss like this and you will be able to safely kill it, just make sure you keep an eye out for other enemies which could mess with your routine.


This is what you'll most likely be doing in umbrella mode. At the start of the game, ask your team to ping where the base is going to be. Then move to there or follow another platoon member. You can also type: "-tl" to track your allies' movements. Once you reach the base, spread yourselves out so explosives won't kill you all in one go. When using this strategy, recommend 1-2 medics if there's 4 or less people, 2-3 medics if there's 5-9 people, and 3 if there's 10-11 people (11 people max in a game). The use of flamethrowers is inadvisable, as they are not effective in defense and do not have a very long range.

P.S.AND GIVE FEEDBACK! especially if you found this helpful. That's all I'll write. Feel free to add anything or edit this(I know it's not too good)/ -Gonrod(sgt)

Insane mode

If your host is ready and willing he might just go insane mode. The best chance of survival in this crazy game is to pick any mos with high firepower or explosive weaponry. Show off your skills by surviving an onslaught from the horde of zombies. The basic start is to run to ST no matter what, in any case try to ignore the mission and even caches. There are three starting missions. Civilian rescue, Class B Gonhrachs, and Spores. In any case civilian mission most people will completely ignore because of the slew of insane zombies. If the case is Gonhrachs run to ST (south town) immediately ignoring all pings caches and cries for help. In a case for a mission of spores attempt to kill as many as you can. However, if you get a zombie parade on you just run to st. Congratulations you have survived the first mission of insane mode. However, the zombies are going to start spawning.

In case of town overrun while you wait for convoys repeat this cycle. Once your base of operation south town is over run do not run south or you will be cornered by incoming zombies, beasts mutants. The basic thing is to run to North town and regroup for the time being. Place flares on the thin road leading to NT from the road south and east of the town. When you do this North town will not hold for long. In this case run through the road and pass zombies the slow zombies. Do not fire or they will follow you. Once you do that follow the road east to he abandoned shack and quickly pick up he med kit if it is still there. Once done follow the road back to South town. If south town is over run use the mountains leading there and camp for a little bit until convoy arrives. Rendezvous with convoy ASAP. Follow them. In any case that convoy is destroyed follow the instructions above to the nearest path or road. At any event that you finish the convoy mission and continue on to the other missions attempt to complete those missions and use this process to avoid zombies and do the missions at the same time. Also the sprinting tactic number one and two will help out a lot in this case. If you are a cyborg at any case do your best because you do not have the sprint ability.

Note* I always go cyborg and survive the longest. Razz Genocide/GrimFalco. Also add a modes topic

Umbrella Mode

Umbrella is the mode that gives the most experience, and is therefore the one that is most played. The beginners' tactics to this mode are very simple. The very first thing you do is switch the colours on your minimap, so that friends are blue and enemies are red. This makes umbrella (umb) easy to see. During the first 5 mins, you should try to stock up on items, most importantly ammo and ground flares. Finding a weapons cache is very useful. Then you should go south, following the road in the middle, until you reach a hill. That is where you camp. If you feel especially Rambo like, and have bomb arrows, you just move around a lot.

Umbrella Head On

If you are not camping, or you are doing a mission, you will fight umbrella. Unless you prepare, this will usually end in death, as there is one of you and many of them. If you are actively umb hunting, you should reload a lot, even if you don't need it. The very first thing you should do when you see some umb, and they have seen you, is throw a grenade. This has two effects. The first is that you might actually hit some of them and kill them. The second effect is that the umb will stop shooting you, and move away. This allows you a pause, in which you fire away, and hopefully kill.

Things to remeber in Umbrella

1) Umbrella starts weak, but don't be fooled. Three soldiers often means enough time to locate and report your position to the head honcho's, so be prepared to face them from all angles late game. 2) Never stay by yourself 20 minutes into the game, as thats around the time where missles are everywere. You'll find yourself dead standing too close to an ally, so spread apart, but keep close for support. 3) You aren't God. Get over it. You wont survive taking on more then three umb soldiers, unless your very experienced in the matter. 4) Rely on the more experienced people later on, but still pull your weight and do as they say. If you find your self last alive, respond to everything as "K" (or don't respond at all), since the time it takes to type "Alright, I'll do that then" is enough time for an assaultman to blow you up.


1.) Biosphere Cleanup Process:

Umbrella have released some biochemical stuff into the atmosphere, which normally should be no problem, but the machine which should clean up the atmosphere has broken down. This machine is just to the left of 'North Hill', which is the hill immediately down road to the right of North Town. You need to fetch some batteries to put in the generator, which can be found in the South Town Landing Zone (LZ). Ghost is main candidate for this mission. I have found that the route which goes under the thin road which leads to the north town from camper spot, and then up into the west forest is best.

2.) Umbrella Checkpoints:

Umbrella is trying to take over the sector, and has planted troops in key positions. Exterminate them within 10 mins. This is the first killer mission. For this mission you need some flares (Ground flares preferable, but any vision-giving item can be used) or if you are Ghost/FO/DM you can use binoculars. There are two tactics. Either you split up, and one group goes east and the other south (from the camping place) or you all go south. When you come to checkpoint, you use your flare, and shoot all the umb you see. Then you move in, double check its clear, and move on to the next checkpoint. In this mission, it is very easy to die, not from checkpoints; which really are simple to kill, but from patrolling groups of umb that roam around, so take extra care when you move around.

3.) Bonnie and Dolly:

This mission is easy, just another two bosses. Umbrella usually kill them off. Just try to survive.

4.) APC going round:

Nothing much to this mission either. APC comes, APC goes, you gain xp. Just try to survive.

5.) Soldiers Corpses

You are to take the corpses of a number of marine casualties to the LZ (can be in 4 places; the mountains north-east of North, the LZ in the field south of North Hill, the LZ in South Town or the LZ in the bottom-righthand corner of the map, just above the Umbrella Facility). The number of corpses which must be taken to the LZ will always the amount of players in the game plus one. This mission is the second killer mission. A widely used tactic for this mission is to simply kill all umbrella on the map before attempting to retrieve the corpses. This is possible because; a) the mission does not have a timer and b) the umbrella will stop spawning if you wait long enough. This also allows your squad time to prepare for the next mission, which is the climax of umbrella mode.

6.) You and Whose Army?

SOCOM has decided it's enough with these umbrella fools, so they send in Bravo Company, consisting of 2 M3 Defenders, an H-36 stryker and loads of troops, into the sector to South Town to kill them off once and for all. Run down to meet them and camp there. If you are Navy Corpsman, this is the mission where you HAVE to survive, because with the amounts of nades and assault men going round, someone WILL die. For everyone else; if you can make sure that the area around South Town is revealed by ground flares and cameras then Bravo Company will do most of the work for you. Once the umbrella stop coming to South Town, your squad will need to venture out and hunt down all remaining umbrella on the map in order to finish this mission. Complete this and you have won.

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UA2 - Basics
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