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 UA2 - FAQ

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PostSubject: UA2 - FAQ   Thu 5 May - 13:45





Q: Sound effects are really echo-y or sound like they're underwater.
A: Open your sound options and disable "Environmental Effects".

Q: I'm playing another custom map and I'm hearing sounds from Undead Assault II (or vice-versa).
A: Warcraft III does not properly clear the sound cache between custom games. You'll need to restart Warcraft III.

General Gameplay

Q: My turrets stop shooting and just bounce around.
A: The turret is out of ammo. Turrets use non-regenerating mana as their ammo counters. Feed it up to two magazines to reload it (each magazine restores 200 ammo; the turret can have a maximum of 400 ammo).

Q: My marine runs really slowly, even when I click sprint. What's wrong?
A: Sprint speed degrades over time as your marine becomes fatigued. You must turn off sprint and rest in order for sprint to regain its full effectiveness. Carrying too much ammunition (more than approximately 15 magazines) can also slow you down. Finally, bone fractures and other ailments will reduce your movement speed.

Q: Does using a flashlight cause (insert random stuff here)?
A: Using a flashlight does not attract enemy units, cause certain units to spawn, or allow enemy units to see you. There have been numerous rumors spread about this, it has been tested, and the myths have been debunked. Certain game mechanics allow the AI to "cheat", but this happens regardless of whether you are holding a flashlight.

Q: Do ground flares attract or give vision to Umbrella squads?
A: As with the flashlight, using ground flares does not allow Umbrella units to see you.

Q: But the Umbrella squads keep coming after us.
A: Umbrella squads have a wide communication network. Once you have been detected, other squads will be alerted to your location and will continue to hunt for you. If your camping spot is being overrun, you may find it advantageous to evade the Umbrella squads and seek out a new hiding place.

Q: Why can't I see how many bullets are in my magazine? I suggest turning gold into bullets.
A: This is an intended part of the gameplay.

Q: How can I destroy the bridge in SW town?
A: Use HE Round from Grenadier (simply target the bridge) or Energy Orb from Ghost or Heavy Support (stand at one end and shoot the orb along the length of the bridge). The bridge section further away from town has less hit points than the section closer to town.

MOS Questions

Q: What weapon does the Detachment Commander use?
A: A gauss rifle.

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