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 UA2 - Easy Experience

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PostSubject: UA2 - Easy Experience   Thu 5 May - 13:42



Easy Experience

How to Get Easy XP

This guide will tell you how to earn about 600 to 2000xp in a solo beta7 umb mode. You just need some skill and some luck. Please comment and improve this article if you can. This guide was written by TNT_Pizza and Clan SAR (northrend)

Choosing your class

Each class has its up and downs. Classes with flares/binocs, cams and weapons of mass destruction are best for umb mode. Those are the best:

-Designated Marksman (great umbella killing power, but be aware that things can go downhill if a few zombies get close to you while you're busy sniping umbrellas)
-Ghost (binocs AND flares, cams, great dps, energy orb, great move speed and above average range. downside is huge mana dependence - make sure you find yourself an egen early)
-Cyborg (no flares or binocs, but has uber rockets and great range + dps, and can tank a few hits if you screw up)
-Detachement Commander. no cams, but if you can pick him, it shouldn't really be an issue.
-Last but not least, my favourite, the Forward Observer

The Forward Observer

This class is pure pwnage when it is used properly, but incurs an experience penalty. Many bad FOs don't know what skill to level, what skill to use and when to use it.
-Fire mission and Illumination rounds: These fail direct comparison with orbital artillery. Don't waste your shells or skill points on these 2 abilities.
-Orbital Artillery: Let's say this will be your side weapon. It uses 10 of your 150 shells so don't waste them. What is waste? Well, killing 3 riflemen is a waste, killing multiple DCs or assmen is a good idea.
-Rangefinder: Since you can't use airstrike, and you're not leveling FM, level 4 is enough. CAS is always useful and WP is mainly for checkpoints and last mission.
-Binoculars: always useful.
-Always pick bino at level 1. Then level rangefinder to level 4, and skill OA or bino when you can (your choice, lets say it depends of the situation).

Items Needed

-Ground flares when you're on the move. No, they do not attract umbs.
-Dskin, IBA if you can't find one.
-Energy Generator (not as necessary for cyborg)
-Batteries, even with an egen I run out of mana quickly.
-Explosive charges. They explode when Umb rifle butt them.
-Sentry Gun. Plant it at backdoor.
-Ammo. Drop it at your camp place, run around with 6-8 mags. 1 or 2 cases are enough for the beginning, and you can always find some more.
-Salines Syringues or medkits.
-Eventually a M400GL.
Also drop smokes and flare guns at your base for pudge.


First 10 minutes
Look for items. If you find Batts keep them for yourself. if you have a sentry, don't place it now, it would only waste ammo on weak zombies. Roam around the ruins and look for a Weapon Cache. if you can't find it, it's most likely in the north hills, if you cant find them it sucks to be you. Ghosts have it easy here, as any unfound weapon caches appear briefly on the minimap when ghost skills lvl 4 is learned.

I usually camp behind the usual north hill.

Generator Mission

I think the mission start at the 12 min mark, so start moving by 8 min. Grab like 4 or 6 Explosive charges and plant them at south west checkpoints. 1 ec at the middle of a checkpoint instantly kills umbs as soon as they spawn. Downside is that sometimes a random NC comes and trigger it before it's about to start, but oh well. Do not go thru North Town, as you know umb spawn near there.

Basically you want to attract the umbs there, and by the time they arrive you will be gone.

When you come back plant your sentry near power generator (i'll take a screenshot later). You're gonna camp for ~10 minutes, this means a few umb squads to fight, so be prepared. Assuming you are careful, Keep that in mind: umb always kill you when you least expect it = when looking for shiny items or planting cams.

As you know Umb DCs have nades. Thats why you want to kill them first. Their nade range is shorter than your gun range - this means if a umb DC is comming to you, run.


My experience says there's always a large squad comming from north to south town by the forest, and assuming you followed the EC trick, i suggest you to start by the East Checkpoints. Gun down the first one, or call in WP if you're lazy. Then CAS the other one. Even if it looks safer, Do not go back to NH! You have less chances to bump in a squad by going throught ruins. And while you're there look for some items.

Bosses, APC

Get back to hill. You have to be very careful because if the bosses get to you, most likely umb too. Many people died because they were looking at zombies and got naded. If you cant find B&D, they're most likely at their spawnpoint, left of the central hill. Ghost can win this mission within seconds of its start by ion cannoning the spawn. When APC mission comes, send a CAS to protect it if possible (picture will come later), otherwise ignore it if you're a DM, ghost or cyborg (attacking umbs can draw them away from the APC). Do not take supplies at ST, we're gonna use them for last mission. Congrats you earnt ~1000 easy xp.


Don't rush for the corpses, or a tank squad might spawn on you. Wait 10-15 mins until you killed many of them. Dont tank umb heli, and spam CAS/WP/OA. If you survive this you did the hardest part. Drop useless shit and go get the corpses. Flare your path.

Final Battle

Piece of cake, all you have to do is throw flares around and keep CAS up. When hunting, if you see a DC, CAS/orb/rocket it, it's stupid to get killed now. There shouldnt be many umbs camping. You should get about 3000 (~2500 with FO) xp if u finish it.

Various Tips

Always drop 5-6 mags near your sentry
Don't send the CAS right in umb squads, it'll only kill 2 or 3 before getting gunned down by a MG. Look at the squad movement, and send it behind trees or on a hill to it take them down 1 by 1.
How to Pro Jump: There is a bug with the jump. You are standing on a lvl 1 clif and want to jump a lvl 2 clif. Aim jump on the lvl 1 clif behind the lvl 2. Since you can aim jump further than you can jump, you can target a lvl 1 clif, which is allowed, and still land on a lvl 2. Even if you mis-jump and land on a lvl 0 you will take no damage.
If further clarification is needed and you have pics, feel free to add them

As DC, give marine corpses to your reinforcements (seems logical? many bad DCs dont do it). Just make sure they don't leave with the corpses.

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UA2 - Easy Experience
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