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 Guide to Last stand, survival, EXP, and Story

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PostSubject: Guide to Last stand, survival, EXP, and Story   Sat 16 Apr - 3:47

Last Stand -
Last stand is a hard to play mode. It consists of waves of zombies. Each time you kill a boss which is normal in this mode because about every wave theres a boss , you get some EXP (See EXP below).Every boss you kill in normal last stand you get 20 EXP. Other modes like nightmare give you more exp.

Survival -
Survival is like last stand but the waves are kind of easier because you dont have like 2 bosses a wave. Instead theres a project after each wave. You get 50 exp each wave you survive. First mission is 420 seconds. The others you have to kill 100% zombies to pass the wave.

As you progress through the game you notice people getting text like, "Spartan has been promoted to Captain." Also people type -load in the beggining of the game. They load EXP to help get more heroes. The more ranks you get you get more heroes and bonuses.

Story -
Story is the normal game type most likely to be picked. It has missions that happen almost every 6 minutes. Each mission gives 50 exp but it still has waves of zombies except theres Sustained Flesh Composites, Evolved Flesh Composite, and Evolved Ghouls. You dont get exp for killing bosses unless they are projects.

This is a little guide for nubs.

One more tip.

Monkeh -
If you see a player named monkeh in your game proceed with caution as he might bomb you if hes the raptor hero. He also will abuse you so please be warned.
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PostSubject: Re: Guide to Last stand, survival, EXP, and Story   Sat 16 Apr - 13:21

Don't forget that:

Last stand:
Main objective is to Guard the Green Thing, if it dies - you loose.

No real objective, just survive While kiilling as much As you can

Read the Mission descriptions carefully
Go to the Green pings on the minimap
Stau with Other Players
ASK if you have questions

( this is probably the hardest Mode for New Players cause they Need to Red what to do, and Not just ist and wait like the Other two)
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Guide to Last stand, survival, EXP, and Story
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