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 ZAF Description

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PostSubject: ZAF Description   Tue 5 Apr - 2:50

This map is much like rc601 but diffrent. You have a varity of weapons and ammo. You can pick from multiple heroes and if u load a code you will gain the levels u had once u saved.
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PostSubject: Re: ZAF Description   Tue 5 Apr - 10:26

your Description looks a bit less for this map
ZAF means zombie assault force
same like rc601 or notd3 .. you start with your teamm8s and have to survive by killing zombies
the difference between other maps is

you have to decide which team youre at (youre in one team)
players with loadcodes can pick before lvl 1 newstarters. so the highest exp guy/lady can pick first
before you pick a character you should vote for a base (its the red target cross in the pickscreen)
there are 2 bases
town: bigger area, more entrances, you have to spread out, there you need a good teamplay and management
Headquater: imao the headquater is the easier base

pick a charakter and where does it spawn?
your picked charakter will drop on the route where your dropvehicle at
team one starts in a helicopter (south east to north east area spawnpoint)
team too starts in a train (west to north east)

lets go

you start at daytime, so reconning time

every charakter starts with an UZI
during the game you find more weapons
different weapons need different ammonation
when you find a new weapon and pick it up it wont appear in your inventory (its your secondary weapon)
you have 2 ways how to switch your weapon
drop the current one (so the 2ndary weapon will be your 1st)
or you go into the extra actions menu and click on switch weapon (keep 1 item slot open otherwise it can happen that you autodrop your other weapon)

some important things
the radio: keep it ALWAYS, it will inform you about sidemissions and is needed for some powerful skills (you can find it with the -r command)
some weapons and other items are a bit usefuller at different charakters
metal and electronic: requirement for some skills, players will ask for materials when they need them
so you should give the demolithions your grenades or a rocketlauncher
and an SAS marine is much usefuller to defend keypositions with a machinegun instead of a uzi Smile

you have 3 different kinds of radiation
AIR more zombies higher air radiation
can be reduced by sidemissions cooling down reactors
WATER when you leve the water radiation the river will be a green acid river Smile
can be reduced by sidemissions and purify water (nearly the middle)
GROUND as more tentacles as more radiation
move around and kill the tentacles

why i should keep an eye on radiation?
there is 1 reason zombies will evolve
when radiation hits more then 8 (all over radiation) monsters will envolve and new monsters will spawn
minibosses like meatflingers (giants which throw zombies)

radiation hearts
always pick them up, they are like area buffer for zombies (increased movement and attackspeed)

hey ill make a kit Smile
in ZAF cover is very important
when you "produce" something you should stay in sight of an other player because you cant do anythign while you produce
same counts when you search for motors / electronics

okay ill write more later.. have to write an assasment now :/
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PostSubject: Re: ZAF Description   Tue 5 Apr - 11:20

Air can only be lowered by the Scientists spell (i read this in a tooltip that was shown in the middle of game.


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Private First class
Private First class

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PostSubject: Re: ZAF Description   Tue 5 Apr - 19:41

nqp and wizzitje are both correct. Air radiation can be reduced by either using the Scientist's purify ability or by the optional side mission to restart the coolant reactors.

If you're new, a good class to play is likely the SAS Marine as a lot of the other classes require a higher level to be used effectively. You will also be given an option for your choice of armor between Light/Heavy/Resistance/Stealth. Light gives 10% Movement Speed and Heavy gives +5 Armor (You start with 0). I'm unsure of what the others do yet as I've yet to try them although my personal favorite choice is Heavy Armor. You will also be asked what extra item you would like to bring. If you don't have an Armsdealer, you may want to take the extra ammunition (x3 Beginning Munitions). If you prefer rapid firing weapons and you have an Armsdealer then go for Piercing Rounds (+7 DMG).

The ideal skills for a new SAS Marine appears to be level 1 First Aid and then continuing to level Damage Reduction.

During the daytime, feel free to explore beyond the town/s as items are scattered randomly across the map but as night draws seek shelter with some fellow players / NPCs. Stay behind barricades and other NPCs for mutual cover. From what I've played, the game gets more difficult with each night and so far the teams I've played with live for only a few nights at best. Good luck.
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PostSubject: Re: ZAF Description   Tue 5 Apr - 23:35

and dont forget the Night vision (BEWARE, IT LEECHES MANA WHILE ITS ON)


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PostSubject: Re: ZAF Description   Thu 7 Apr - 7:59

armor types
fireresistence = 50% or 75% fireresistence vs fire attacks (havoc for example) or those exploding zombies
stealth gives you the ability to windwalk or so .. but i never used it..^^

you should choose grenades at start .. since later on mass minibosses spawn .. its even better to have a huge stack of greandes to take them out fast.. before your base gets overrunned by zombies

you should skill 1point to smoke grenade at SAS marine becourse then you cantank creeps (creeps in smoke = 80% miss) you out of smoke

writing more introductions laters
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PostSubject: Re: ZAF Description   Thu 7 Apr - 11:39

so next Smile

the HIVE !
bad bad bad .. you "cant" kill it with normal weapons but there are 2 more or less easy ways to take it down

why should we kill the hive?
it gain you bonus exp Smile
the hive is spawning egg's later on. the number of eggs depents on the radiation

hm an egg? its just an egg or?
no it isnt .. becouse it will hatch after 90 seconds and you have to face a "toxic"
more info about toxic later in the monster compenduim

back to the hive and how you can kill it.
easy way will be take a scientist 1 skillpoint to the ION cannon collect 30 electronics and burst the shit out of it!

other way, the more bloodly way, is with a SAS marine
collect 2 motors 2 electronic and 4 metal and get a chainsaw!
go to the hive and kill it
the only problem is the hive is spawning tentacles which ensnare you
so you better ask for cover

ye .. so what now.. classes
some classes are supposed to get played by higher ranked players
i dont know all skills or classes now .. course i didnt play zaf long time here you can add information
he can purify corpse which decrease the air radiation
he can build a big cannon which can be used like a vehicle (good damage versus bosses)
radar skill he can build radars which ping in an AOE all enemys creatures (sometimes it bugs a bit so you just see a bunch of corpse.. nothin more)
ion cannon skill (collect 30 electronic) and you can kill the hive

he can produce all kinds of normal ammunation means
machinegun - pistol - sniper - shotgunshells
every ammu kind is a extra skill. adding skillpoints will decrease the cd and mana and at lvl 10 there is the chance to produce another ammu of the same produced item
he has an extra skill which passive increase his chance to recieve a item while he is searching for electronics or motors

sas marine
smoke grenade -20% movement 80% miss hit useful to collect electronic or motors
throw a smoke on the research point and start research monsters will come .. they mostly miss you .. and when you finish research smoke nade is away and you start gunning
armor upgrade
useful becourse you passive reduce the damage which you recieve from monsters
critical strike
works like bash .. you got the chance to deal extra damage
when you are low lvl there isnt a reason to skill this becourse its only good if you invest mass skillpoints
stats bonus
add per point 1 strengh and increase the time you have left until you can get revived
6 or 8 seconds per lvl.. so later the medic has not only 120 seconds he has 180 or more
this might save your life Smile

so i dont have more time.. i have to do a detailed target group research Smile
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Private First class
Private First class

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PostSubject: Re: ZAF Description   Sat 9 Apr - 19:14

Hi guys,

Hi nqp, nice to see you there Smile.

Btw, you should destroy the hive also because Hive spawn tentacles. Tentacles and hive generate Ground Radiation.

Also kill lots of zombies reduce the radiation overall..or better, reduce or prevent to go high: air and water radiation. As far as i know not ground.
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PostSubject: Re: ZAF Description   

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ZAF Description
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