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 Forward Observer for dummies

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PostSubject: Forward Observer for dummies   Tue 29 Mar - 10:05

in general people seem to believe forward observer and GYsgt is a pro level status but i highly disagree being that gysgt JUST got access to this class on normal and they won't know much about it i figure it's a good thing to compile some various tips for FO

so first and fore most start out with the abilities

Orbital artillery - this is an instant form of the normal FM in a way with a few distinct differences one it dose way less damage and two it's a channeled ability which means you're going to have to sit there and use it or cancel it. essentially this isn't a bad ability it's just not as useful overall as your fire mission(FM).

level 1 - 200dmg/3 barrages
level 2 - 300dmg/3 barrages
level 3 - 400dmg/4 barrages
level 4 - 500dmg/5 barrages
level 6 - 600dmg/6 barrages

GLPS - this one is where your spare points go after maxing FM it adds 50 shells per level and reduces the delivery delay on all of your abilities

level 1 - 11 seconds
level 2 - 10 seconds
level 3 - 9 seconds
level 4 - 8 seconds
level 5 - 7 seconds
level 6 - 6 seconds
level 7 - 5 seconds

Fire Mission - this is your main ability along with WP(white phosphorous) you get it at level 3 so you can stick a point into here and get WP at the same time as long as you save up your lvl 2 skill point.

level 1 - 400dmg (informs you of the shell commands how to change the number of shells per barrage)
level 2 - 550dmg
level 3 - 700dmg (unlocks DP command allowing you to change how spread out your barrage will be 50-800 in general 50 is what you will use)
level 4 - 850dmg
level 5 - 1000dmg

an additional note about FM is that it is able to kill trees so you can use it to clear out a nice camp spot for your team in general 20 shells to kill a group of trees

Forward Observation Skills - this one pretty much gets 2 points for sure just for WP which i mentioned earlier in RA WP is priceless at killing off or at least weakening zombies and saving your group ammo also gives you a laser designator to weaken and reveal bosses or particularly strong enemies.

level 1 - laser designator
level 2 - White Phosphorous rounds, Viper(reveals a spot nearby for 5 seconds 10 seconds cool down)
level 3 - Illumination rounds (reveals invisible and lights ground nice during DC or for revealing Moirae, a note doesn't daze enemies which is unfortunate)
level 4 - Transceiver (just like the item but more awkward to use and kind of pointless considering FM can kill most enemies you'd use it on)
level 5 - TOT Mission (similar to the bombardment during RA costs 60 shells and bombards fro ma point you place near your FO, I've never actually seen this used but evidently it's helpful in lost cause being a beginner reading this guide you probably wont have to worry about LC for a long time)

that covers the abilities for FO the general idea is to lay down a FM and lure bosses toward it and to help you your team mates should drop smokes or stuns on the enemy once it's in the FM zone with that said FO is not really an ideal soloing class but a team support class aimed at providing firepower to kill off bosses quicker.

those more experienced with the use of FO please add input as i myself and still fairly new to FO and could use some tips I'm sure

Disclaimer: I'm not responsible for noobs fming you and killing you during a game please direct all bitching full on at your local FO and remember to please enlighten them onto FO general use Laughing

Last edited by MythicalDragoon on Sat 2 Apr - 8:27; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : updating based on suggestions and missing information)
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PostSubject: Re: Forward Observer for dummies   Tue 29 Mar - 19:33

Level 2 FO Skills unlocks Viper.
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Forward Observer for dummies
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