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 Castle Fight Income

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PostSubject: Castle Fight Income   Mon 14 Mar - 10:19



The income calculation works like this at the moment:

-Income is delivered every 10 seconds

-The base income of each player is 5 gold

-Each building increases income by a percentage of its own price. This percentage depends on what type the building is:

Creep Buildings: 2.0%
Siege Creep Buildings: 1.8%
Towers: 0.8%
Support Buildings: 1.2% (All special buildings that cannot kill enemy units, like City of Magic or Stasis Totem)
Killer Buildings: 0.9% (All special buildings that are no towers but can kill enemies, like Death Pit or Obelisk of Light)

The income is calculated exactly, only the result is rounded, so buildings grant exactly this percentage.

Why these values?:
Creep and Siege Creep buildings give money to the enemy (the bounty for the units they spawn), so they give huge income to compensate this.
Towers give the least income because they bring money by killing units and are meant as base defense. By giving them this low income players should be encouraged to build only as much towers as needed and not massing them.
Support Buildings give something in between, because they don't spawn units, but also don't make money by killing units. Killers give less income because they CAN kill units and make money with it.

Treasure Boxes:
First a treasure box is counted as a normal support building so it gives 1.2% of its cost. Then it increases your overall income by 25%. This value is lowered by 15% for each treasure box you build after the first one:

1 TB: +25%
2 TB: +46%
3 TB: +64%
4 TB: +79%
5 TB: +92%

The Tax System:

Since v1.06 you must pay taxes on your income. This is to reduce the huge lategame income that let the game be a build orgy. You won't notice that you pay taxes, you will only see that your income increases less with each building when it is already high.

You can see how much taxes you pay with the "-income" command.

Here is like taxes are calculated in detail:

Your income is calculated as before. It is boosted by your Treasure boxes.
Then this value is taken and you gotta pay taxes on it. The tax value increases by 10% each 25 income (15income in "high tax" mode). So:
0-25 income: No taxes
26-50 income: 10%
51-75 income: 20%

But note that (like the german tax system^^) you pay the %-values only on these incomes, not the whole income ("Progressive Taxes")

Your old income was 75, your new would be:
25 income -> no taxes -> 25
25 income -> 10% -> 22.5
25 income -> 20% -> 20
together: 67.5
So your new income would be 67.5 (not 60 because you don't pay 20% on your whole income, but on a progressive scale)

note that the highest tax rate is 80% (at 200 gold, each gold above is taxed with 80%).
Also note that TBs are calculated BEFORE taxes. This is nice because in lategame TBs won't make a big difference, but if you save gold in earlygame and build one early it makes a big difference.
This is exactly what i wanted Treasure Boxes to be: A bonus for players that save gold! In lategame everybody can mass em. But he won't have such a big advantage of em in lategame anymore. I love it

The coin bounty:

The coin appears every 40 seconds, 4 seconds after the "Bounty Incoming" message is displayed.
It stays for 4.75 seconds.
The first coin is worth 11 gold, this value increases by 3 each coin. (Second is worth 14, third 17 and so on)
This value is also affected by your TB bonus. So with 5 TBs a coin with the normal worth of 11 would be worth around 20.


Each creep producing structure grants you a percentage of its own price as lumber. Special buildings and towers need this lumber to be constructed. This prevents players from massing special buildings without creep buildings. Here are the percentages:
100% for normal creep buildings (like Footman gives 100 lumber, Infernal gives 500 lumber)
75% for siege creep buildings (Orc Catapult gives 285 lumber, Flesh Golem gives 278 lumber)
25% for legendary creep buildings (Adamant Golem gives 270 for normal Golem and 125 for the legendary upgrade, totaling in 395 lumber)
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Castle Fight Income
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