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 Chapter I Overview

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PostSubject: Chapter I Overview   Sat 12 Feb - 5:00

Chapter I

Operation Silent Hill

Waves 1-3: Defend Ravenholm.

Protect civilians from the Zulu threat. If Ogilvy is alive, there is a 3% chance that he gets a rifle from his house at the start of wave 3 and supports you in the fight.

If the above does not happen, there is a 25% chance that a larger body of Zulus attacks the town. Also, lots of ghouls start rushing you, so beware of their nasty critical strike. You are provided with artillery support and the civilians gather in one place. Note that shells' coordinates are determined by a random impact zone of 2000 radius from a random player, so it is imporant that you stay close to civilians.

You can give Anti-Venom and Fibrin Bandages to the civilians. If they are poisoned or have open wounds, they can use the item and drop the remaining stack.

Wave 4a: Flesh Composite.

A huge Zulu spawns and is heading towards the town. The civilians gather in one spot. If your Squad Rating is below 10000 and Flesh Composite's health points are under 90%, you are provided with gunship support. If your SR exceeds 10000, you have to get it under 75% of its health points to get the support. Additionally, if you have over 40000 SR, you only got a 50% chance for the choppers to appear.

Wave 4b: Black Hawk Down.

This is an alternate wave and it has a 33% chance to occur. Super Six Four is down and you are to evacuate badly injured CWO Durant and his fellow riflemen. You only have around 3-3.5 minutes to do this. Should you succeed to bring them alive, and if there is a Navy Corpsman in your team, you get to control the two riflemen for the rest of the game. If the pilot dies, or Navy Corpsman is not present in the game, the chopper takes them away. Optionally, you can bring two kilos from the crash site to the evac chopper.

Wave 5: The Convoy.

You are to provide assistance to the convoy passing through the sector. The convoy can take two main routes. There is a 33% chance that it will take the mountains path. Otherwise, it takes one of the forest paths with a 50% chance to go either north or east. If the convoy goes north, it further has a 50% chance to change its course towards the mountains.

Etaphreven spawns randomly during the first 200 seconds of the wave. If your SR is lower than 40000, or there are less than 4 players, a weaker variant of Etaphreven appears. Moreover, Etaphreven has a 5% chance to be either invisible or have feedback.

If your SR exceeds 70000 and there are more than 4 players, there is a 10% chance for Eris to spawn instead of Etaphreven.

Additonally, if your SR is over 80000, nasty Poppers appear. Their code name is self-explanatory. Stay away as much as possible and do not get caught in the blast radius.

Note that NPC Corpsmen make a periodic check (a 50% chance) for status ailments. They can cure your poison and open wounds, but only if you have more than 20 HP for the latter. If you have less than 200 HP, Corpsmen may use Blood Transfusion on you.

Wave 6: Surveillance Sentries.

If your SR is over 5000, you are to set up five surveillance sentries at random places across the map. Otherwise, this mission never occures. You have 4-5 minutes to set up the sentries. 4 can be obtained from the power generator in the south-eastern corner, 2 from the windmill in the north-western corner.

Wave 7a: Home Search.

You have to perform a house to house search for the remaining civilians in Ravenholm. Some of the civilians may appear at the windmill and/or a single house in the south-west.

Wave 7b: Dark Clouds.

If your SR is higher than 3500, you have a 25% chance for this alternate wave to occur in Normal mode and 33% chance in Nightmare mode. If your SR is lower, or you are playing Boot Camp, this never happens.

You lose visibility due to dark clouds. Turn off your nightvision and use default view preset to see anything. Field lights illuminate a small area, so make sure you have them equipped. Combat Engineer starts with one in the inventory, there is one at the windmill and one near the single hut in the south-west.

Go to wave 8c.

Wave 8a: Moirae.

There is a 50% chance for this wave, otherwise 8b is triggered. Another boss, Moirae, spawns. If your SR is lower than 30000, or a 25% chance otherwise, XML-9C Shiva is dropped at a random place. If your SR is higher than 50000, you have a 50% chance for the Atrien event. Atrien canisters are dropped randomly on the map edges (either NW, SW, NE, or SE). You then only have to poison Moirae once and wait till it dies slowly. Article 7 is involved and your squad XP rate gets reduced by 10%.

Moirae is tracked with pings on the mini-map, but there is a 6% chance for the tracker to stop functioning due to EM interference.

Wave 8b: The Unknown Threat.

An alternate boss, Hades, appears and snatches a random player across the map. A weaker variant of Hades spawns if there are less than 4 players. Also, if there are more than 2 players, there is a 2% chance for a much stronger boss, Diablo, to spawn. If your SR exceeds 40000, this chance grows to around 7%, and any variant of the snatcher becomes more aggressive with a 33% chance to attack nearby players during its roam. With over 37500 SR, Hades/Diablo has a 16% chance to shake out a random item from your inventory before the pull (but not armor).

The time between Hades/Diablo pulls a player is 40 seconds. If your SR is higher than 50000, snatching rate is decreased to 22 seconds.

Wave 8c: The Unknown Threat (Dark Clouds).

This only occures after wave 7b. The dark clouds are still present in the sector. A weaker variant of Hades appears, but there is a 2% chance for Diablo to replace Hades and if your SR is higher than 40000, this chance grows to 10%.

Snatching rate is decreased to 35 seconds.

Go to wave 9c.

Wave 9a: Evacuate Civilians.

USS Independence arrives to evacute the remaining civilians. If at least 2 civilians are still alive, you have approximately 4 minutes to bring them to the hovercraft. Loki spawns randomly during the first 150 seconds after the hovercraft starts moving. If your SR is higher than 30000 and there are at least 5 players, a stronger variant of Loki shows up.

Before you load civilians, you can get ammunition from Independence. Flamethrower receives 450 fuel units, Machine Gunner 6 magazines, and any other class 9 magazines.

The hovercraft can take either the north or west path. There is a 10% chance that it runs out of fuel. If this happens, it has to recharge 100 mana in order to proceed. You can speed this up by dropping an Energy Cell into its inventory.

Wave 9b: Loki.

If you have failed to find the civilians or keep at least 2 alive before the start of the wave, the USS Independence never arrives and a stronger variant of Loki spawns instantly.

Wave 9c: Minos.

Minos spawns after you have killed Hades/Diablo during wave 8c. The dark clouds are still obscuring your vision. If there are at least 5 players, there is a 1% chance that a weaker variant of Etaphreven spawns as well.
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Chapter I Overview
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