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 [WIP] Beginners Guide

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PostSubject: [WIP] Beginners Guide   Sat 22 Jan - 19:53

Night of the Dead: Aftermath

Night of the Dead: Aftermath (or just NotD: Am) is a survival zombie horror map for Warcraft 3.
Player takes control of one of 3rd Platoon Echo Company marines and fights hundreds of vile zombies in various mutations from ghouls to massive flesh composites.
The main quest - survival - is supplemented by many challenging sub-quests during the whole game.

It is necessary to say that NotD: Am is a team map.
Team play is essential to your survival and successful completion of the game.
Do not go on your own, you will be sure to die (no respawns).

Listen to advices of skilled players, it is the best way of learning to play NotD: Am.

Game basics
There are 3 available marine classes to beginners - Rifleman, Flamethrower and Medic.
See Extended class guides by WedgeAntilles to decide what class to pick.
But since the map has save/load system, more and more classes will be unlocked to you as your rank increases.
See Ranks - Medal Guide for more information on ranks.

All marines on battlefield carry weapons that consume ammunition.
If you look at top-right corner or your screen, you will notice 3 counters.
The 1st one counts remaining rounds in current magazine, the 2nd one counts remaining number of magazines and the 3rd one only informs how many soldiers you control.
Most classes have 50 rounds per magazine and start with 15 magazines (18 magazines if you randomed).
Flamethrower's fuel count is shown only as rounds (0 magazines) and starts with 800 fuel (1250 if randomed).
Ammo (fuel) can be restored by finding ammo cases or clips.

There are several useful abilities available in Action menu (hotkey q).
  • Sprint
    Your marine moves 40% faster for 12 seconds (Rifleman 8 seconds, but has lower cooldown).
    This comes at cost of 10% more damage taken on hit during sprint.
  • Jump
    Marine jumps short distance over any obstacle (terrain, zombies, other players, even trees!).
    It is posible however to jump only to the same or lower terrain level.
    Do not jump 2 or more terrain levels down unless you have no other choice as it will hurt your marine and potentionally kill you if your health is low.
  • Reload
    Manually reloading your weapon is not necessary.
    Use only if you want to prepare for upcomming event/boss.

Another very important thing is to know Ailments - how you can obtain them and how you can cure them.

Now you are ready for your first step into NotD: Am universe.

Chapter 1
The zombie massacre begins around 1.5 minutes after you choose your marine class.
I will focus on recommendations and tips on how to successfuly complete each quest rather than on technical details.
For that, open Chapter 1 Overview by tyrandexxx.
Let's kick some undead asses!

Defend Ravenholm

After you choose your class, your soldier will be spawned on random place on the map.
Run to the town of Ravenholm, its location was automatically higlighted on the map.

The quest is to protect civilians who live there.
There are 4 main spots to cover - north-west (NW), west (W), south (S), and a spot to cover north-east (NE) and east (E).
NW, W and S require each at least one soldier to cover them, NE and E spot be covered by one skilled soldier but it is usually better to have at least two soldiers to cover it - most zombies come this way.
It is necessary to work as a team, the team has to decide who will cover what entrance.

When there are enough soldiers, one skilled team member may, instead of protecting the town, go look for supplies.
This brave man must however acknowledge that he will most likely gain less XP than his friends in the town.

Artillery fire

At the very beginning of this event, you get message about "There's too many of them..." and several ghouls with envasion spawn at each entrance.
After minute or two, all remaining civilians gather in the centre of the town and you can see artillery fire all around the town.
I recommend you follow civilians to the centre of the town and remain here until the end of this event, as there will be far more zombies than you can kill on your own.

Flesh Composite

This event occures almost everytime.
You hear roar and all remaining civilians will gather near either SW or NW building.
After few minutes a big and tough zombie comes - flesh composite.
Make sure to lure it away from civilians but not to get too close (disease and high damage).
Three hellicopters will come to help you after some time depending on your squad rate (higher rate, longer delay).
Once the FC is dead, town protection is over.

Black Hawk Down

You hear hellicopter and it crash-lands somewhere on the map, the position will be automatically highlighted.
The quest is to go there and rescue all 3 survivors (or at least the pilot) by moving them to town.
Pilot has always fracture and chance of open wound, other two soldiers have lower chance of open wound or fracture.
Make haste as they may all die by blood loss if you don't rescue them in time.
If there is a medic in your team, you will get to keep the 2 soldiers for the rest of the game.

The Convoy

India Company convoy spawns in the west (highlighted).
Your mission is to escort them and remaining civilians to safety.
There are 2 safe zones and in total 4 possible ways to get there, one of them is randomly selected at the beginning.
Do your best to keep alive as many civilians as possible, you will gain more experience and there is possibility of gaining medal points (see Ranks - Medal Guide).
Also have at least 1 functional convoy truck at the end of the mission to gain XP for completing the mission.

A boss (the 1st one) is always encountered during this mission - Etaphreven (eta) or Eris for higher rating squads.
Do not let them hit you, it takes only 2 to 3 hits to kill you and they are quite fast.

Another very annoying enemies are Poppers - they are not usually present for very low rating teams.
These flying dragon-like zombies explode (suicide bombers!) within several seconds after first hit causing massive AOE damage.
The higher the team rating is, the longer it takes for them to "pop".
Hit them and run away, do not try to kill them without enough firepower.

Surveillance Sentries

This quest requires a lot of teamwork and a little bit of luck.
There are 5 randomly picked positions (highlighted on the map) to deploy sentries.
You have around 5 minutes to deploy all 5 sentries - more team members, less time.
2 undeployed sentries are located at wind mill (north-west corner of the map) and 4 sentries at power generator (south-east corner of the map).
It is usually enough to send only one skilled soldier to wind mill (WM) while the rest of the team goes to power generator (PGEN, GEN).
Pick a sentry (only one can be carried at a time), carry it to the position highlighted on the map and place it by left-clicking on the icon in your backpack and then left-click on the ground.

Again, work as a team.
Communicate, ping sentries you think you can do (yeah, we say we do sentries), think ahead - if there are 2 sentries left and 2 minutes to go, do the further one, if other team member doesn't have a sentry yet.

Another FC always spawns during this mission.

After sentries

This guide is WIP, if you have any suggestions, please PM me instead of posting here.

Thanks WedgeAntilles for help, wizzitje for inspiration and tyrandexxx for his Chapter 1 Overview.
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[WIP] Beginners Guide
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